Simcom -Web Hosted


The Simcom dispensing system is a web hosted system requiring no software. The system is ideal for utilities that have multiple users and is mandated to reduce staff involvement. Utility staff set up the user in the system and provide secure access to their page on the host site. Users can be set up as prepay or invoice with limits. No further staff involvement is required.

Simcom Terminal

The Simcom Terminal located on site has unlimited user capacity and can control up to 8 independent hoses. Connected over the internet to the web hosted site, the Simcom does authorizations and transactions are processed in real time. the alphanumeric steel keypad and large color display allow for multiple features.

Web Credit Card

Users have access to their page on the web site to review and download their transactions. Users can pay their Prepay or Invoice accounts through an online credit card payment system. This negates having credit card readers, Tap Readers and expensive Chip and Pin readers on site.


Potable and raw water, septic receiving. The Simcom is also excellent for utility fuel management.
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