Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Isoil, Italy was established in 1958 and started manufacturing electromagnetic flow meters in 1988. In 2017 they opened one of the largest flow meter test facilities in Europe. In North America, they are represented by Flomotion Systems, which Johlin has worked with since 2001.

Meter Configurations

The Isoil line of electromagnetic flow meters include wafer style, flanged style, insertion hat tap probe meters, Polyurethane meters for low pressure gravity lines, and sanitary meters.
Sensors for the meters include direct mount and remote. Sensors can be ac or dc powered, solar, or battery operated.


Wafer style and flanged style meters are approved NSF 61 products


Potable water, raw water, raw and treated sewage, condensate & hot water to 151C (304F), buried applications, flow data logging and district metering.


Talus is an Israeli manufacturer of Diaphragm Control Valves, either hydraulic or electric pilot operated.

Unique Design

The valve has two unique designs. First, it does not have a separate spring. It has a spring loaded, almost indestructible gasket. This allows for less than clean applications and very minimal maintenance. Second the water for the solenoid and pilot pass through a self-clean strainer which protects them even in dirty water.
The valves have one of the highest CV rates in this style of valve.


On/off electric control, pressure reducing, pressure restraining, flow rate control, altitude control, float level control, quick pressure relief.
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