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Specializing in Bulk Water Truck Fill Stations ~ Valves ~ Meters and Meter Reading Systems for Public and Private Utilities
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Curbside Dispensing Systems

Prefabricated, convenient dispensing package that can be dropped on your site connected and ready for sales within a couple of days.

Curbside may be winterized for year round operation or designed for moderate climates or seasonal operation.
Curbside Solar
Remote location, no power, seasonal operation. The Solar Curbside is your best approach for these types of operating environments.

This unit comes equipped with field proven technology and up to date solar collectors. Charge handlers will provide you with efficient and uninterrupted service.
Curbside Custom
The Curbside is very flexible. It can be modified to meet your requirements or special application.

Johlin will consider all options and will deliver the best possible configuration within budget and without cost overruns.

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