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Specializing in Bulk Water Truck Fill Stations ~ Valves ~ Meters and Meter Reading Systems for Public and Private Utilities
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Valves and Meters : Meter Reading : Bulk Water Dispensing Systems


Cash Systems
USD and Canadian coins and bills based on a volume. Coin system and shower system based on time.
Prepaid SmartCards loaded and relaoded by office. No accounting or collections. Simple and automated dispensing.
C6000 Master Dispenser
Master System for utilities that want complete audit trails on all trasnactions. Invoiced and prepaid users with or without cards.
Visa / Mastercard
No accounting and no collections and no designated users. This system simply accepts all Visa and MasterCard users.
Curbside Water Dispensing
Curbside is a convenient prefabricated package for a utility that does not have a site building. Choose the Coin, SmartVend, C6000 or credit card units. There are many options to meet a specific need.
Custom Bulk Dispensing
Desgin your system to meet your utility needs. Coin and credit card or multiple hoses. Internal equipment specification and package detail supplied.

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